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‘The A-Z One Stop Shop’ for all conceiving, pregnant
and postnatal women for fitness and health care.

Teaching YOU how to EMPOWER your journey’

Safely created by a midwife, fitness instructor and mum,

with contribution by a number of specialists in there fields.

Dr Julia Bartrop

Chinese Medicine


B. App. Sci – (Chinese Medicine/Human Biology) (Hons) – RMIT
B. Sci. – (Med. Sci.) – Curtin University Cert. IV (Massage) – MIMT Cert. Adv. Clin. Prac. – Jiangsu Provincial Hospital, Nanjing, China

Julia studied Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in both Australia and China. After her internship at Jiangsu Provincial Hospital, she travelled throughout China extensively soaking up the culture and countryside. Her greatest passion apart from Chinese Medicine is travelling and exploring different countries and cultures. Julia is also a mum to two beautiful girls who are 5 months old and 2 years old, and who were conceived with the help of Chinese Medicine.

Treatment Philosophy
Julia believes in treating a person as a whole rather than just treating symptoms of disease. She uses an integrated approach which incorporates the emotional and spiritual level to ensure a complete treatment, helping the individual return to health and vitality. She believes that every patient is unique and deserving of individualized treatment. Early prevention and the timely management of DIS-EASE (disease) is of primary importance, incorporating Eastern traditional philosophies. She believes in a gentle approach, listening and working in partnership with patients to maximize their health, naturally. to ensure that her patients are rebalanced, revitalized, and rejuvenated. Julia’s approach starts with a compassionate ear, helping patients feel heard, cared for and understood as individual beings. Combined with a passion to bring patients back to their ultimate health status, Julia’s holistic approach includes dietary and lifestyle advice, along with acupuncture, herbs and/or massage.

Areas of Interest
Women’s health, digestive disorders, anxiety, stress, depression, fertility, pregnancy, post natal care and pain management as well as preventative medicine.

Other Relevant Experience
Prior to Chinese Medicine, Julia graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Science at Curtin University of Technology in 1999. Julia worked as a multidisciplinary scientist in pathology before specializing in Cytopathology. She worked in pathology for 16 years, and it was this work, as well as a traumatic car accident which almost cost her her life, which lead to Julia seeking a more personal and positive approach to medicine and thereby studying Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Julia holds membership with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).

I believe that this program Fit for 2 Pro will be extremely beneficial to all women out there who are seeking to empower themselves with knowledge about pre conception, conception, pregnancy and birth and how to care of themselves during the post partum period. I am a mum of 2 beautiful girls, who are 18 months apart. I was originally told at the age of 19 that I would never be able to have children after I was involved in a car accident. However, I attribute my children to Chinese Medicine and a healthy diet and exercise program which helped me to attain a good state of health and also to assist in conception.

Many women out there are alone and unsure and do not feel like they have any control, this program is designed to empower you in your knowledge and in being a female and connect you to women who have experience in these areas and are wanting to help you. By gaining knowledge and having access to knowledge we can assist you, give you simple steps to take and give you knowledge and power. We can guide you to the best area for yourself, your baby and for your support groups. It also provides you with a connection to the other women who are at a similar stage to yourself. If I hadn’t of had my own team of professionals to help me with pre natal yoga, calm birth, hypnobirthing, Anita’s fit for 2 classes, I think my pregnancies and birthing experiences would have been very different. I was unable to birth vaginally and ended up with 2 emergency c sections – the last birth, without intervention my daughter and myself would not be here after haemorrhaging and losing a lot of blood. My post partum recovery was very much needed and I did the 40 day seclusion which is traditionally used in China for post partum recovery. This is where you do not go out – you stay at home and bond with your baby and allow your body and yourself to recover, something that the western world seems to have forgotten, and there is far to much pressure on mother’s these days, motherhood is hard, can be incredibly lonely and isolating, we are here to help, and aid you and give you strength.

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