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Fit For 2 Pro

Total Pregnancy Fitness

‘The A-Z One Stop Shop’ for all conceiving, pregnant
and postnatal women for fitness and health care.

Teaching YOU how to EMPOWER your journey’

Safely created by a midwife, fitness instructor and mum,

with contribution by a number of specialists in there fields.

Katrina Wallace

Fitness Instructor and MP Certified Level 3 Trainer

Cert 3 and 4 fitness
Level 1 Metabolic Nutritionist
Level 2 Transformation Specialist Exercise and Business
Level 3 Advanced Transformation Specialist
MP Online Coach
Level 1 kettlebell
Punchfit Boxing Trainer

Hey! I’m Kat!

I am the creator of Foxfit Body

I am passionate about health, fitness and your overall wellbeing. However most of all I am strongly motivated to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

I am originally country girl, growing up in a small town in the North East Victoria called Yackandandah. Always having a very active lifestyle as a child being involved with different sports such as Auskick, Gymnastics, Circus Training, Swimming, Calisthenics and my all time favourite Horse Riding.

I spent 9 years doing Calisthenics in a competitive team.

“It taught me how to carry myself, have confidence, work with different personalities. I loved the feeling of butterflies while you’re standing side of stage waiting, then the music starts and the butterflies go away and you get a “It’s time” moment and once your toe crosses the line its all lights on you”.

I gave up Calisthenics to follow my passion of Equestrian Riding. Competing in local competitions around the district in One and Three Day Events on my noble steed Wilga – Dash (a beautiful ex racehorse) I qualified to compete at the State Championships held at The National Equestrian Centre located in Werribee, Victoria in my first year of competing.

I spent the following years travelling around from competition to competition each weekend with my mother and sister competing in different levels. When I wasn’t competing I was working for a prestigious Competitive Stud in Shepparton learning and upskilling for each Eventing Season (plus mucking out all the stalls and smelling extra lovely by the end of the day).

2012 was set to be a very big and exciting year for. Little did I know that it wasn’t going to turn out how she expected. On the 5th February 2012, approximately at 4.30 in the afternoon my world was literally thrown from the back of a utility head first onto a bitumen road. Witnesses in the area called for 000 as I was convulsing on the road with blood running from her ear. I was rushed to Albury Base Hospital where I was in an induced coma and flown to The Royal Melbourne Hospital where I spent the following weeks in a coma and on life support.

I had suffered severe head injuries including:

  • 2 x complete fractures in the side of the skull (one being 6mm wide)
  • A depressed fracture
  • Severe bleeding on the right frontal lobe of the brain
  • Displacement of the brain and brain stem

I was able to survive the tragedy but could never go back to equestrian life I had made for herself. I chose to move to Melbourne in the July/August of 2012 and “start life over”. I have spent the last 5 years regaining strength and working with other fitness professionals to be able to help more people achieve their health and fitness goals.

I am not just another Personal Trainer. I have walked the hard yards. I literally had to learn to stand before I could walk, walk before I could run. I believes that Personal Training is more than just exercising and eating good food its about creating good habits and enjoying life to its full potential as things can change at any moment.

Why am I excited to be apart of Fit for 2?

When Anita asked me to come along and be apart of her new program to do with pregnancy at first I was very sceptical as in the way of “What do I possibly have to bring to women who are pregnant? This is not my area, is this a scam? Is this going to discredit me to my current clients and potential clients?”

But after lots of meetings and emails, messages, phone calls backwards and forth I realised that hang on not only am I qualified and able to help these women BEFORE they get pregnant but I’m the one they need in their corner after they’ve had the little spawn I mean cherub 😉

Then it dawned on me even further! Not only will I be able to help these women but all the other specialists apart of the program will be able to help me when the time comes for hubby and I to extend our little family we are currently proud parents of 2 little fur babies Bunty and Fonzi.

So not only am I excited to be able to help make a difference in other womens life but I am so excited to be apart of this program for myself (okay so that’s a little selfish but still mean’s I’m excited) as anyone who knows me and you will get to know me too hopefully I am very honest and straight up and if I wouldn’t do something I don’t expect any of my clients or anyone to, I like to be very real and raw with everyone and especially having a brain injury I tend to sometimes speak out before I think and yes it does get me into trouble.. We all remember our mums and grans saying to us “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all” well since my injury that action of thinking before you speak and the filter going “mmm maybe we shouldn’t say that” doesn’t work so you can be sure if I’m telling you I’m excited I am! I like to be real and honest and well I suck at being anything else than raw… (I would be a terrible sales person!!)

I hope to meet lots of you potential mums and mums who are ready to lose that baby belly and share all your stories with me in part of the Fit For 2 program and when the time comes I hope to share stories back with you!

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